Cardiology is a branch within the medical fraternity that deals with disorders related to certain parts of the circulatory system and the heart. This field includes treatment along with medical diagnosis of congenital defects of the heart, coronary artery ailments, valvular disease of the heart, electrophysiology and heart failure. Physicians specializing in this field are known as cardiologist which happens to be specialty within internal medicine. There are other specialties in cardiology like cardiac surgery and paediatrics cardiology. While paediatrics cardiology deals with children’s heart related issues, cardiac surgery deals with specialty within cardiac surgery.

Even though cardiovascular system could be linked with blood, cardiology will be not particularly linked to hematology related diseases. Some of the exceptions that affect normal blood functioning would include tropopins, electrolyte disturbances, decreased capacity of carrying oxygen that leads to hypovolemic shock, anemia and coagulopathies.

Specializations within Cardiology

All the cardiologist physicians study whatever disorders occur in the heart. There are faculties within cardiology that studies child and adult heart disorders, although through various pathways of training. Hence, an adult cardiologist is not trained to cure a child and similarly a paediatric cardiologist is not trained to cure an adult. The surgery part isn’t included in the purview of cardiology and falls within the domain of surgery on cardiology. For instance, surgery in coronary artery bypass, cardiopulmonary bypass, along with valve replacement are some of the surgical procedures conducted by cardiology surgeons and not by cardiologists

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